Such is Life

Hello friends! So when I originally started putting together this list, things were on the up-and-up and I wanted to share those positive vibes. On this particularly day, though, things feel more like they’re in the crapper. However, I find that when I’m doing my best to look on the bright side and be optimistic, life begins to fall into place. Either that or I just begin to accept and be happy with the way things are. Whatevs.

The following is a list of songs that I play to really pump myself up and get over those yucky negative days. They all speak to me in some way and help me see that it’s never as bad as I think it is. I play these tunes while cruising with the windows down to remind myself to take advantage of every day and not waste a single one.

I’ve posted the song titles and YouTube vids so you can check them out yourself. These jams may not be for everyone, but they’re all part of my “Such is Life” playlist to get me through all the suck. “Such is life” is a phrase I picked up that I have now adopted as a response to almost every bad situation I get into. Basically it means yeah, that might be a really sucky whatever that just happened, but dem’s the breaks, kid and it happens to everyone at some point. So anyway, here ya go…

(Obviously I have no rights to these songs – just sharing 🙂 )

“Not There Yet” – Eric Hutchinson
It’s okay if you haven’t figured it all out yet! You’ll get there!


“I Lived” – One Republic
No matter what, take advantage of every day. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and blah blah blah.


“The Best Day of My Life” – American Authors
Make every day the best day ever!


“Little Wonders” – Rob Thomas
Take a breath, let it go and remember to savor every moment you’re given. Remember all those happy little wonders that are gone too fast.


“Happiness is Calling” – Mophonics
Hello? This is Happiness speaking. Please stop being negative and join me in the sunshine.


“Ants Marching” – Dave Matthews Band
I really can’t say much here except that I have loved this song for like 10 years and it always makes me happy.


“One Day” – Matisyahu
I was actually introduced to this artist years ago by one of my best friends. This song is so hopeful and has such a great message.


“Every Good Thing” – The Afters
Sometimes I need a reminder that there’s more to life than this rat race I’m in. Every single second I’m given and every happiness I’m granted is because of Him. Life is good.


“You and Me” – Dave Matthews Band
I know, I know. More Dave. This one is probably just a happy song to me, but with the right person in mind, it’s pretty fantastic!


“Everything is Awesome” – Tegan & Sara ft. The Lonely Island
Okay, if you haven’t seen the Lego Movie, just stop reading and go see it. This is the big song from the movie and while it is incredibly cheesy, it’s pretty much saying that literally everything is awesome, which some days you just need to hear.


Also included would be all Disney songs because if Disney can’t fix it then it probably can’t be fixed.

So who else has a “get happy” playlist? Care to share??