Weekly Pinspiration

absThis week’s pin is one that has been making the rounds on the fitness boards a lot. Do you crave a super tight and oily midsection?? That’s right, friends! It’s the 30-Day Ab Challenge!

I’ve seen this pin many times and it’s always different. While they all require some sort of intense ab exercise be performed a few times a week, they usually have different exercises and take up various amounts of time. I actually started a different ab challenge and had to quit on it because the time commitment got a little outrageous.

This one has some great exercises and takes up the same chunk of time each day. The link also provides videos at the bottom to demonstrate the moves for optimum results.

So far, I’ve done this work out three times and I’m really digging it. A couple of the exercises were a bit difficult at first (like the flutter kicks…ugh!) but they got easier the second time around.

I’ve already taken a before picture of myself to track my results, and if you decide to take this challenge I suggest you do the same. It’s so hard to tell you’re changing when you see yourself every day so a before picture really helps.

I’m not planning on altering my diet at all, although I will say it’s been a little thrown off for the last few weeks anyway. I had my wisdom teeth removed so I have lost a few pounds on my applesauce and smoothie diet. Blech. I’m not sure if that will have any effect on my challenge results, but I guess we’ll see!

I’ll check back in a month with my before and after pictures and give my official ruling on this pin! Happy pinning, everyone!

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