FixNation and a Tail of Six Kitties

Cats are everywhere. Did y’all know that? I honestly thought that it was just my garden district neighborhood in Baton Rouge that was overrun with stray and feral cats, but I was completely wrong.

Turns out LA County has a serious problem with feral cats! I guess because everything is so spread out and I don’t frequently go through neighborhoods, I never noticed. I’ll admit, I do keep a bag of cat food in my car in case I see one running around somewhere, but I rarely saw any. That is until the one night when I found a litter of kittens in the parking lot of my apartment complex. And if you know me very well, yes, AGAIN.

Back in Baton Rouge, my then boyfriend (now husband) lived in an apartment complex that seemed to have a lot of cats running around. One day we found a litter of kittens in the parking lot and scooped them up. We bottle fed them, adopted them out and then kept one.


I had no experience with kittens. That’s water in a measuring cup…because I am the dumb. Luckily I talked to a vet friend of mine and got things straight so they turned out fine. The orange one in the middle is Milo, the one we kept!

Then, believe it or not, a year later almost to the day while I was out of town, my husband found ANOTHER litter of kittens. This time there were four. We knew they were from the same parents because one was a manx and they were all similar in color to the first litter.


Once again we took care of them but this time we partnered with a local cat rescue and got them the medical attention they needed. They also helped us a little bit with adopting them out, but honestly, at some point I guess we weren’t doing things exactly how they wanted them done so they threatened to take the kittens away. I quickly adopted the little white one from the picture (Katniss) and my aunt & uncle adopted one of the orange ones. At that point we only had one orange one left (the other had been adopted out already) and the organization “released” us from our duties. It was really weird. We ended up keeping the last orange one for a while until a friend of my mom took him in.

It was all quite an experience fostering and getting them adopted and we didn’t have the best time with that group. Buuuut I guess the fates decided it was time for me to help more kitties because like I said, I found another litter. Five kittens this time and the mama was still around.

This time I knew I couldn’t bring them inside because I already have the two cats and we live in a tiny studio apartment. A few people in my complex started feeding them and I joined in to help. They got more and more familiar with us to the point where my husband and I could both pet a couple of them.

One day I noticed the smallest kitten had lost a chunk of her tail. The bone was exposed and everything. A few nights later I saw a possum running around and knew that thing was bad news. I started to worry about their well-being and began researching rescues in the area. That’s when I learned how bad the problem is in L.A. Every rescue was full to capacity and since they were technically “feral” there wasn’t a lot anyone could do. They all directed me to an organization called FixNation which isn’t a rescue, but rather a group that focuses on helping feral and stray cats. Their website even says, “When adoption isn’t an option: Trap-Neuter-Return.” Seemed like just the group for these little guys!

The process was a bit intimidating at first. They have you fill out an application, take an online course (15 minutes) and watch a video about trapping. Then you send an e-mail notifying them you’ve taken the course and they review your application to see if they can help you. I had to go back and forth with them a little bit because my situation was unique. I couldn’t keep the kitties overnight (you have to) and my apartment manager wanted them gone. They worked with me to figure out the best spot in our communal apartment space to keep them and what to do to keep my manager from calling in anyone else.

So here’s how it worked after I was approved:

  • I scheduled an appointment to pick up the traps
  • Drove out about 20 miles to pick up traps
  • Filled out a bunch of paperwork and set 3 different surgery appointments
  • Loaded 3 cages and drove 20 miles back

After that, I had to wait a few days because they only do surgeries Wednesday – Saturday. The following Tuesday night I began attempting to trap the cats:

  • One of the kitties is super friendly so I just picked him up and guided him into the cage/trap
  • The one kitty who was injured was a little skittish but I was still able to guide her into the trap
  • There was another kitty who was not ready to be handled, but very bold so I set the trip plate and baited the trap. He went right in.
  • All 3 cages were placed in a holding area I had prepped earlier
  • Fed kitties and checked on them every hour until midnight

We got up at 6:00am the next morning and I had my husband help me load up the cages. Then I drove the 20 miles to bring them to their appointments.

  • Arrived and parked but left kitties in the car (wasn’t hot yet and that’s what they ask you to do)
  • Filled out more paperwork for each kitty
  • Sat and waited for my name to be called
  • Got kitties from the car and got them checked in
  • Drove home, ran errands, tried to rest
  • Drove back in the afternoon to pick them up
  • Checked them out, got instructions and drove them home
  • Placed kitties in holding area
  • Fed them and checked on them every hour until midnight

So at this point, I’ve driven to the place 3 times. That’s 3, 40-mile trips plus loading and unloading heavy traps with kitties running back and forth. I was starting to feel exhausted. You must keep the cats for one night after surgery to make sure they’re doing okay, then you can release them…between 6:00am and 7:00am the following day.

  • Had my husband help carry cages out to their “home”
  • Released kitties and set out food
  • Carried cages up to our apartment
  • Cleaned up their holding area
  • Laundered trap covers and scrubbed traps with bleach/water solution then had to hand-dry

This was only one round. I had three more kitties to trap so I had to prepare the cages to do it all over again that very night. The hardest part was that there were those three kitties already taken care of who were very friendly and bold. When I went out that night, the first three came running up to be fed. I managed to keep the other three kitties away, feed the first three and send them on their way.

The last three I had to trap were easier to catch than expected. I baited the traps, set the trip plates and within minutes had trapped the first one. I set the trap off to the side and about 10 minutes later, after I walked far enough away, I had trapped another one. I brought the first two kitties inside to their holding area and by the time I had gotten back outside the third kitty was trapped! I was shocked!

After trapping them all, I repeated the same process as before. Once all kitties had been treated and released, I cleaned the traps and returned them all.

WOO! So if you’ve stuck with me through this whole post, you probably see that helping baby feral kitties is quite the process. I have to say though, it was a great experience. By the time they were all back outside, I was exhausted and my muscles hurt from carrying traps around, but they were healthy and still coming to see us!

Plus, they are all fixed so we won’t have a problem like at my husband’s old apartment complex. As fun as it was to foster litters of kittens, having feral cats reproduce at such a rapid rate is not. FixNation does everything they can to try and get the population under control. And did I mention they do all this FOR FREE? I paid an extra $5 per cat to have them microchipped, but that’s it! Really great place.

Also, a few residents have mentioned they might want to bring one inside as a pet. So even though that wasn’t the point, they might actually get homes anyway! Yay kitties!



Nurtured by Nature Experience

Y’all. I need you to stop what you’re doing and listen.

Friday, September 2, 2016 was THE. BEST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE!!!!!!

I mean look, our wedding was also fantastic, but let me explain… There’s this place called Nurtured by Nature and it’s way out in Valley Center, CA through winding roads and lots of mountains. It’s the best place to go in California. I have decided. This is it.

Nurtured by Nature is a non-profit organization that provides amazing animal encounters for kids with life threatening and terminal illnesses. That means that every person (like me) paying for an encounter is also helping provide the same experience to a child in need and his or her family. That in itself is super awesome. They also help animals (duh) through their breeding conservation program and taking in surplus animals from zoos and rescue animals from research facilities. Basically, they’re awesome.

So for my Christmas present in 2016, the husband got me an animal experience and otter swim at Nurtured by Nature. I’m sorry. Did everyone get that? Because you should be squeeing at the top of your lungs right now. I said OTTER SWIM!! I’m obsessed with otters by the way. Like, obsessed. Like here’s my birthday present from two years ago…


Yes, yes that is an otter necklace. Also, what my dad got me last time we went to the zoo…


Because they had to drag me away from the otter exhibit because the zoo was closing… Plus, when I was a kid I had an otter Beanie Baby named Seaweed who shared my birthday. Point being, me and otters are best friends.

So when we went to Nurtured by Nature, we knew we would be swimming with otters and hanging out with a variety of other animals. What I didn’t know is that they also had 8-week-old baby otters there and we would be starting our day by snuggling them. … … … Y’all, honestly, I nearly died right there. I just don’t know how I managed to survive so much cute in one sitting. Below is a video of us playing with the sweetest, softest baby otters ever!

Gahhhh so cute!!! After that, we were able to feed and play with some other cool animals including a serval, a couple of pakas (named Inigo Montoya and Wesley because they look like R.O.U.S.’s), a sloth, some lemurs, kangaroos and the cuddliest porcupine you could ever hope to meet. Such a blast getting to see so many different types of animals up close and personal! Side note, I’m pretty sure servals, as a whole, don’t like me. Believe it or not, this was not my first time meeting a serval. Flashback to when I learned you don’t pet a serval, a serval pets you…


This time around, when it was my turn to pet the serval, it ignored the treat it was being given and looked right at me when I was trying to pet it as if to say, “Didn’t we teach you this?!? I will pet YOU, subservient human!!” But really, they’re awesome and super athletic. SO, below is a video of all our other animal encounters that day!

And now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for, the otter swim!! I cannot express how absolutely amazing this was. I had the time of my life. Seriously. On our way home that day, the husband mentioned we were driving through Anaheim and asked if I wanted to go to Disneyland and I said NO because DISNEYLAND WOULD BE A LET-DOWN! If you know me, you understand how big of a statement that is. After such an incredible day at Nurtured by Nature, Disneyland would be a disappointment.

About the video… We bought a GoPro just for the occasion and were so glad we did. All told, we have like 45 minutes of footage from the hour long swim, but I’ve cut it down to some of my favorite highlights. Enjoy the video!

Woo! So there you have it! I hope you were able to survive viewing all the cuteness. I barely made it. Annnnd now I’m sure you’re also wondering how you can have the best day of your life, too! I’m sorry to say that you will be waiting quite some time. Nurtured by Nature is all booked up through 2017!! We just managed to squeeze in. Be on the look out for their 2018 calendar!!! There’s no waiting list for the 2018 dates, but click here to read more about the waiting list for their alternative otter experience. Now go be an otter ambassador!! Woooohoooooo!!!!

3 Days, 3 Dates





My husband is the best!!

Okay, obviously a cheesy opener there, but seriously. Read the title if you haven’t already and then you’ll understand. This guy totally planned 3 dates over the weekend and it was awesome!

Date Night #1: Dodgers vs. Cubs & Friday Night Fireworks at Dodger Stadium

IMG_6249  FullSizeRender

Neither one of us really follows baseball, but we’ve been to a Dodgers game before and feel ties to the team because we live here. However, both of us have actual reasons for loving the Cubbies! Husband lived not far from Chicago growing up and my great-grandfather lived in Chicago after coming through Ellis Island. He was always a huge Cubs fan and my older brother is as well. So I’m a fan by relation, I guess!

The game was actually super fun to watch. We went into extra innings and the Cubs ended up clinching the win with help from the beautiful Kris Bryant. ❤ The firework show was pretty fab because it was Beatles night so they had sweet music playing through the whole thing. We dined on delicious Dodger dogs and nachos and washed it all down with Dodger ale.

Date Night #2: Dave Matthews Band at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre


This one was a bit of a drive, but well worth it! We left late afternoon and went straight to the most important place in the city of Irvine, Raisin’ Cane’s Chicken Fingers. If you don’t know what that is, I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. Because they have the most delicious chicken fingers you will ever stuff your face with. There aren’t many of them out here and definitely aren’t any close by, so when I found out we were going to be down the road from one, I knew we’d have to stop.

After getting a taste of home at Cane’s (the first one opened right outside the gates of LSU), we made our way to the venue. Y’all, this place was PACKED. Like, I had no idea how absolutely insane it would be. I got to see Dave live once at Jazz Fest so that was a busy place, sure, but NOTHING like Irvine. We had tickets for the lawn which is basically just walking around until you can find somewhere to sit/stand. We walked all the way around and didn’t find anything so we made our spot in a corner on the highest part of the lawn. Couldn’t see anything and for whatever reason, no one around us was paying attention. So all we heard was talking and people flashing the phone lights because they couldn’t see. After like 30 minutes of that mess we walked around again until we found a spot a little closer. I eventually pushed us down the hill until I managed to weasel us all the way to the front. We could see everything! Ended up being a great place to catch the second half of the concert.


First Spot… Nothing…


Second Spot… There he is!









Dave was great, obviously, and we had lots of fun!

Date Night #3: The Magic Freaking Castle (or just the Magic Castle)

IMG_0365          IMG_0369

I was so beyond stoked for this one! The other two date nights were surprises, so super fun because of that, but this one I had known about for a long time. When we were on our honeymoon, there was a magician at one of the restaurants we went to doing close-up magic. He offered us his business card and said if we ever wanted to go to Magic Castle, he could get us guest passes. Like this place is for magicians and guests of magicians only. You can’t just walk in and be amazed. Not a thing. So we decided for our 6 month-iversary we would celebrate with a night of illusion. We got all dressed up, drove down to Hollywood, took a photo by the velvet ropes and headed into the castle for dinner.

I won’t share everything about the night because a big part of the allure is the secretive nature of the castle, but I will say they aren’t lying when they tell you there’s magic around every corner. I mean seriously. At one point I set my glass of wine on a bar table and next thing you know it was on the other side. I don’t care how drunk you get – wine don’t move like that! Spinning table maybe?? Also, ask anyone there for help and they’ll be happy to tell you all about the history of the castle. We learned so much by just approaching random employees and asking for stories!

We did the dinner/show combo so after having filet mignon and a Houdini cab, we went into a magic show featuring three fantastically entertaining magicians. Um, also, at one point, one of them asked for a volunteer. I don’t know if my hand has ever shot up so fast. I absolutely love magic and was so very delighted to get up on stage and be a part of it! Granted, I was totally the but of the joke, but I did not at all care. Good thing I had worn a dress of sequins and glitter pumps – I was the perfect magician’s assistant!

It was a loooooong night though and after a full weekend of fun I was exhausted. So Monday, I did nothing. Nothing at all. And it was glorious.

Well, there you have it! Our jam-packed weekend of fun! Oh, and don’t mind me while I have the best day of my life on Friday… I’ll be sure to update again once I get back from…


What is the point of a blog?

Great question! I have no idea. I’ve started and stopped writing in this blog so many times and have yet to quite understand if there’s a point to it. So why am I writing this post now? Another great question with the same answer!

Mostly I think at this point I’d like to have something to keep track of stuff I’ve learned from being out in Los Angeles. I still don’t feel like this place is home and often still feel like I’m on some kind of college internship that at some point will end and result in a job happening. I mean, what? That doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, if you’re still reading or following then you’ll be happy to know that as of now, this is something I plan to actually continue. What kind of content? I’m not sure. Will it be regularly updated every week? TBD. I do know that since I’m officially freelancing I should have some time to actually keep up with it. I always did like the name of this blog and that’s partially why I think I’d like to make something of it. So here we go! Another round for NolatoSoCal!

Resolution Update

2014USo for the first time in a long time I made a New Year’s resolution and posted it to the masses to hold myself accountable. I’m here today to openly admit that I’ve hit a snag.

Since I wrote that post, I’ve had maybe half a dozen auditions and I’ve made it to every single one! That is, until I didn’t.

The other day, I got an e-mail about a callback for an audition I had recorded back in January. This time, they wanted me to come in for a live audition, to read for both parts and there was something about a bikini that I didn’t know would be required. I was thrown off a smidge by all that, but keeping my resolution in mind, I responded. Plus, I was actually really interested in doing the project because I thought it would give me some great reel footage. I noticed the audition time wouldn’t fit with my work schedule so I went back and forth with the CD trying to change it. I released my shift at work, I asked around to see if anyone could cover me and I tried to calculate exactly how fast I would have to drive to get from Hollywood to Westlake in 30 minutes. (That would be like 100 miles an hour, so…)

Eventually, I realized that without changing my audition time or skipping out on work, I wouldn’t be able to make the audition. I could try to go anyway and hope for the best, but I would run the risk of missing work or being very late. On top of that, I had just gotten scheduled to work for the days they were filming so if I did book the role, more headaches would ensue.

I talked it over with the boyfriend and we eventually agreed that it was okay to miss an audition for those reasons and I wasn’t “copping out” like I feared. I got up the next morning and started planning a day of working out and hanging by the pool. I was super bummed and felt like I was already wrecking my resolution even though I had done all I could.

Then, like it always does when you least expect it, opportunity came a knockin’! I got a call from a studio asking me to come in for a role that I hadn’t even submitted for. They had my info on file and needed me to audition in…two hours…in Hollywood. Yikes! I threw my plans out the window and started getting ready. Luckily they didn’t have any sides for me and I could improv the whole thing. I was able to make it to the audition with no problem and get back home in plenty of time for work.

So at the end of the day, I missed one audition, but very randomly gained another! It made me feel like by doing all I could to make it to the first one, I was rewarded with a second one. Almost like the one I did make, canceled out the one I didn’t. 🙂

Woohoo resolution keeping me on track! How’s everyone else doing so far this year?

On4Today with Sean Duran Studios

Ah, working is good. The other day I got to see a commercial for the first time that I worked on a while back. It’s an internet commercial for a new Panasonic product called On4Today. It’s actually a pretty cool product – almost like an iPad for the elderly! This was another great video by Sean Duran Studios (the same guys who brought you Crushpath). I’m amazed at how resourceful this team is. They created several different worlds out of one space and were pretty rockin’ problem-solvers. I’m also still amazed at how the screen is blank when I’m holding the device and then magically filled with programs after the edit. (I’m sure to all my super-savvy tech friends that’s an easy fix, but I’m still excited about it!) Anyway, I’ve posted the video below for your viewing pleasure!

Stay up-to-date with this awesome studio on Facebook and find out more about the product here!

Such is Life

Hello friends! So when I originally started putting together this list, things were on the up-and-up and I wanted to share those positive vibes. On this particularly day, though, things feel more like they’re in the crapper. However, I find that when I’m doing my best to look on the bright side and be optimistic, life begins to fall into place. Either that or I just begin to accept and be happy with the way things are. Whatevs.

The following is a list of songs that I play to really pump myself up and get over those yucky negative days. They all speak to me in some way and help me see that it’s never as bad as I think it is. I play these tunes while cruising with the windows down to remind myself to take advantage of every day and not waste a single one.

I’ve posted the song titles and YouTube vids so you can check them out yourself. These jams may not be for everyone, but they’re all part of my “Such is Life” playlist to get me through all the suck. “Such is life” is a phrase I picked up that I have now adopted as a response to almost every bad situation I get into. Basically it means yeah, that might be a really sucky whatever that just happened, but dem’s the breaks, kid and it happens to everyone at some point. So anyway, here ya go…

(Obviously I have no rights to these songs – just sharing 🙂 )

“Not There Yet” – Eric Hutchinson
It’s okay if you haven’t figured it all out yet! You’ll get there!


“I Lived” – One Republic
No matter what, take advantage of every day. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift and blah blah blah.


“The Best Day of My Life” – American Authors
Make every day the best day ever!


“Little Wonders” – Rob Thomas
Take a breath, let it go and remember to savor every moment you’re given. Remember all those happy little wonders that are gone too fast.


“Happiness is Calling” – Mophonics
Hello? This is Happiness speaking. Please stop being negative and join me in the sunshine.


“Ants Marching” – Dave Matthews Band
I really can’t say much here except that I have loved this song for like 10 years and it always makes me happy.


“One Day” – Matisyahu
I was actually introduced to this artist years ago by one of my best friends. This song is so hopeful and has such a great message.


“Every Good Thing” – The Afters
Sometimes I need a reminder that there’s more to life than this rat race I’m in. Every single second I’m given and every happiness I’m granted is because of Him. Life is good.


“You and Me” – Dave Matthews Band
I know, I know. More Dave. This one is probably just a happy song to me, but with the right person in mind, it’s pretty fantastic!


“Everything is Awesome” – Tegan & Sara ft. The Lonely Island
Okay, if you haven’t seen the Lego Movie, just stop reading and go see it. This is the big song from the movie and while it is incredibly cheesy, it’s pretty much saying that literally everything is awesome, which some days you just need to hear.


Also included would be all Disney songs because if Disney can’t fix it then it probably can’t be fixed.

So who else has a “get happy” playlist? Care to share??