On4Today with Sean Duran Studios

Ah, working is good. The other day I got to see a commercial for the first time that I worked on a while back. It’s an internet commercial for a new Panasonic product called On4Today. It’s actually a pretty cool product – almost like an iPad for the elderly! This was another great video by Sean Duran Studios (the same guys who brought you Crushpath). I’m amazed at how resourceful this team is. They created several different worlds out of one space and were pretty rockin’ problem-solvers. I’m also still amazed at how the screen is blank when I’m holding the device and then magically filled with programs after the edit. (I’m sure to all my super-savvy tech friends that’s an easy fix, but I’m still excited about it!) Anyway, I’ve posted the video below for your viewing pleasure!

Stay up-to-date with this awesome studio on Facebook and find out more about the product here!


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