Communication is Key

freeimage-18711456-webThey say in every relationship, communication is key. This doesn’t just go for romantic relationships. It applies to friendships and, as I’m learning, business relationships as well.

The other day, I received a message inviting me to audition for a music video. Unfortunately, I was scheduled to work during the time the CD requested me, but I noticed on the audition breakdown that they were holding auditions the following day as well. It just so happened that I had the day off of work, woo-hoo! I immediately emailed the CD letting him know that I would be unable to make the original audition time, but I could come in the following day before 5:00 PM. I was very specific in my email and made sure to include the day and date I was asking for. I received an email back saying “Anytime before 3.” Great! That works! I said I can come in before 5:00 PM and he said just come in any time before 3. I’ll be there!

I decided not to respond to the message because it was so short that it made me feel like this CD was a bit pressed for time. I felt like if I replied to his short message I would be bothering him and I didn’t want to be annoying.

I drove all the way down to Hollywood for the audition, drove around the block 4 times trying to find parking and finally made it to the studio. It was pretty quiet and empty and no one was at the front desk. Finally, a girl came out and asked if I had a question. I told her what I was there for and she said to have a seat because they were probably starting in an hour. Yikes. They didn’t give me a start time so I was surprised to hear that.

After a while, I started panicking a bit. I started to wonder if it was possible for the CD to be so busy that he didn’t quite read my entire email. What if he saw that I couldn’t make the time and just said “Anytime before 3” meaning that first day…

Well, that is in fact what he meant. About thirty minutes in, another girl came out and asked me what I was there for. She took some time to look into it and finally told me that the audition was actually the day before until 3.

So, what I gather happened is that the CD got my email, read the subject line and realized I was requesting an alternate audition time. His reply of “Anytime before 3” was just telling me that the time didn’t really matter and I should come by when I could. If I had responded to his message with something like, “Great! I’ll see you on Tuesday, 1/21 around 1:00PM,” perhaps he would have noticed we got our wires crossed.

After I realized my mistake, I immediately sent a message apologizing for not making it to the audition. I don’t expect a response from it, but I wanted to cover my bases.

The moral of the story is: COMMUNICATE! Had I just sent a quick email back, I could have avoided a ton of hassle for nothing. I mean, y’all, I curled my hair and everything. Next time I’ll focus more on clarity of email rather than degree of annoyance.


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