Let’s hear it for my first web commercial! Woohoo! A couple of months back, I was cast in an explainer video for a company called Crushpath. I spent the afternoon playing a model and got to have my makeup done by two hilarious gals who also helped out with the shoot. I even got to meet the CEO of Crushpath and bond over dog costumes. I discovered the video was posted by the studio that filmed it and thought I would share the link!

Sean Duran Studios did the casting and filming (and cupcake making) for this project. After working with them once I can tell they are a team of hardworking individuals willing to go the extra mile to make a project successful. The CD even jumped in as an extra just to fill a scene! It was a great time had by all and I love the finished project.

To find out more about Sean Duran Studios, check out their website or find them on Facebook. For more info about Crushpath and how it can help promote your business, head over to their site.

Thanks for watching!


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