Celebrate the Little Victories!

lasignSometimes living the cliché is hard. People find out I’m from Louisiana and ask why I decided to come all the way out here. It usually takes a lot for me to admit that I’m out here as an actor. After a while, I feel kind of stupid telling them that because I’m obviously their server and I am the classic actor/waitress.

That is until one of my tables reacts like this gentleman did the other night. I was in the middle of opening a bottle of wine (insert awkward silence where table doesn’t know what to do) and he randomly asked me if I was from around here. I said no and that I had moved out from Louisiana about a year ago and then we launched into the usual back-and-forth.

Guest: Oh, wow! You’re a long way from home! Why did you come all the way out here?

Me: Well, I actually graduated with my degree in theatre from LSU. I tried out the film industry down there, but I was too comfortable so I decided to give it a go in Los Angeles.

Guest: So you’re trying to make it as an actor?

Me: Yeah. I figured why not? I might as well give it a shot.

Guest: Yeah. Well, good luck to you. That’s a really hard industry. There are so many people out here. Blah blah blah. You’re crazy.

…Or something like that.

Except this time instead of saying, “Good luck. You’ll need it.” This guy gets this look on his face like when a kid meets Mickey Mouse for the first time. He was amazed. It went down more like this…

Guest: So you’re trying to make it as an actor?

Me: Yeah. I figured why not? I might as well give it a shot.

Guest: You just packed up and moved out here to follow your dream, huh?

Me: Yes sir. Packed up the car to the roof, loaded in the cats and drove clear across the country.

Guest: Wow! I mean, just wow! I love stories like that. You’re really going for it. That’s amazing. That’s really great.

Me: …Uh, yeah. Yeah, it really is. Thanks!

Guest: I mean, did you know anyone before you came out here?

Me: Well, I had a few friends from college move out here first, but no, not really.

Guest: Wow! Isn’t that something? Good for you!

So, I was pretty shocked. No one out here has been quite so impressed with just the move. Some people seem to admire the attempt, but the actual act of moving out here was a big deal for me. It was so incredibly nice to be recognized and respected for doing that – and by one of my customers no less!

It was a great reminder to always celebrate the small victories. Saying you want to pursue acting in L.A. is one thing. Actually taking a leap of faith and doing it, now that’s another. Hopefully I can hang onto this feeling and start to proudly live the cliché!


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