Eco Cast – Auditioning Made Easy!

EcoCast_logoDriving in L.A. is a nightmare. No matter what time or what day it is, you’re going to end up stuck somewhere. This can make auditions a pain because you might end up driving crawling creeping along at sloth-speed through traffic for hours only to actually audition for a couple of minutes.

Enter Eco Cast! It’s a service offered via Actors Access to help make the audition process easier. Normally, when you go to an audition, the session director will record your read and then pass it along to the powers that be. With Eco Cast, you get to cut out all that and record the audition yourself. Actors receive an invitation through their Actors Access account to audition with Eco Cast. From there, they can record the audition with a webcam, smart phone camera or actual video camera and upload the video with the click of a button. Usually after the invitation is received, actors will have anywhere from one to three days to upload the video. After that, the invitation expires and the opportunity is gone.

Now I know for me, I would be willing to drive across the state for the right audition, but I do get pretty excited when I see a casting director is using Eco Cast. Not only does it prevent me from having to drive, it also provides way more flexibility. I don’t have to mess around with my work schedule to fit in an audition time or risk not being able to make the audition at all. Eco Cast puts the ball in my court and allows me to get the audition done the way I want it, in my own time. Plus, it helps keep the number of cars driving around L.A. just a bit lower – hence the name Eco Cast.

Cons? Well, sometimes you need a reader. If you’re auditioning with dialogue, you need someone there to read the other part of it. Lucky for me, I live with a pretty awesome actor so that’s never usually a problem. Eco Cast also only accepts certain video formats and the video camera I use records in an unsupported format. This means I have to load the video to my computer first, convert the video file and then upload it to the site.

The only other problem I can find with doing things this way is that you miss out on the personal connection. This business is all about networking and meeting new people. I’m not saying the session director is going to be your way in, but he or she could be the one that gives you the re-direction you really needed on that last take. I do love technology, but I think I love people more and would miss the real-life audition process if it went away entirely.

Has anyone else out there used Eco Cast or a similar service for an audition? What do you think about it?


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