My New Weebly Website

weeblyGreat news! I have officially started building a professional website for Missy LaPlace – Actor Extraordinaire.

This is a project I have been wanting to take on for a while, but I never really knew how or where to start. I took some time to browse the websites of a few actor friends and even looked at random ones I found through Google. Most of the sites have the same key components: an about me or biography section, photos and headshots, resume, reel and contact info. I decided to use the same basic setup for my own website and began looking around to find the best hosting site I could find. I searched for reviews on different hosting sites and checked out a few online site builders.

Eventually, I settled on using Weebly. It’s actually a site I had never heard of before. I found it on a list of top site builders for 2013 and was able to watch a tutorial video from a reviewer (which you can find here). It has some quirks that might be a bit disconcerting for a well-versed tech gal, but for a dabbler like me, it’s worked out quite well.

I was able to pick a theme I love and personalize the heck out of it. There are tons of options to add in videos, polls, forms, slideshows and more. So far I’ve just signed up for the free version while I work out the kinks, but I plan to purchase my full domain name at the start of the year.

Check out what I have so far at and click here to find out more and try it out for yourself! Oh, and in case you were wondering, no one from Weebly asked me to write this – I just honestly like what they have going on.


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