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One of the very first projects I worked on when I came out to L.A. was a spec PSA for a friend’s director’s reel. Her idea was to produce a short piece about a dancer who had it all and whose life was ruined by using meth. I had never been in something that dealt with such serious subject matter, but I decided to dive in anyway.

First of all, let me just say that the director/writer is wonderful. Jessica is also a graduate of the LSU theatre department and is an actor as well. This was one of the first projects she wrote and directed that she didn’t act in, so it was a different experience for her, too.

Our schedules were a bit weird that week so we ended up shooting the whole thing in one day with a bit of help from some great camera op volunteers. I’ve made some videos and directed some scenes of my own in the past, but nothing had been like this. I know it wasn’t for a professional gig and the PSA wasn’t actually going to air or necessarily be used, but the whole experience was an eye-opener. We made a very professional-looking video on our own without a huge team or crew. The director did make up, edited the footage and wrote the script – that’s one person doing a whole crew’s job, people! So what I’m saying is if you’re super lucky like me and have some seriously multi-talented friends, anything is possible!

I encourage everyone out there trying to make it in this ridiculous business to stay active by doing these kinds of projects. You’ll go on a hundred auditions before you book a role, but opportunities are out there beyond the breakdowns. Get some people together and make some magic! There are tons of resources online to connect with other creative people just dying to use their skills. Take advantage of what’s around you and you’ll always be working!

Anyway, I’ve posted the video below so everyone can see what’s possible when you’re motivated to work hard and be creative. Check out Jessica’s IMDB here and be sure to stay tuned for more great things from this gal!

Dance Again


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